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An interesting talking point began almost immediately after Super Bowl LVI: the Hall of Fame merits of Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, who led the Rams to a 23-20 win over the Bengals. That topic led to an idea to rank each of the 28 quarterbacks who have already received enshrinement in Canton, Ohio. Below is a ranking of the quarterbacks who are currently in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Here was the criteria used when coming up with the ranking: Career and single-season statistics Individual accolades Championships won Impact on the game Intangible skills A question was also used when comparing quarterbacks: Whose career would you have rather had? Troy Aikman doesn’t have the stats or the individual awards that many of his Hall of Fame peers have, but he has more Super Bowl rings as a starting quarterback than all but two quarterbacks who are currently enshrined. While awards and numbers are nice, one would venture to guess that most people would choose Aikman’s career over many other quarterbacks on this list. (Aikman was also a great quarterback in his own right, which we’ll get to momentarily.) Without further ado, let’s get started. 1. Joe Montana Key stats: 4-0 in Super Bowls; 2-time MVP; 3-time Super Bowl MVP; 1986 Comeback Player of the Year; 5-time NFL leader in completion percentage  Why he’s No. 1: Montana was widely considered the greatest quarterback in league annals prior to Tom Brady’s legendary run. Montana’s career had the perfect mix of stats and individual and team accomplishments. He also had a hand in some of the most famous plays in league history. 2. Peyton Manning Key stats: 5-time MVP; 2-time Super Bowl champion; Super Bowl XLI MVP; No. 2 all-time in wins by a starting QB; No. 3 all-time in career passing yards and TD passesWhy he’s No. 2: The ultimate field general, Manning’s immense talent was matched only by his supreme intellect. Manning loved mixing it up against the greatest defensive minds in football, from Bill Belichick to Ray Lewis. Manning was also a serial winner, as he won at least 10 games 14 times. He led two different franchises to a combined four Super Bowls, winning two.  3. Johnny UnitasKey stats: 3-time MVP; 3-time NFL champion; Super Bowl V champion; first QB to reach 40,000-career passing yards Why he’s No. 3: The greatest quarterback during the NFL’s first 50 seasons. Unitas’ record of 47 consecutive games with a touchdown pass stood for over 50 years until it was finally broken by Drew Brees. A quarterback who was way ahead of his time, Unitas led Baltimore in the first overtime playoff game in NFL history, a 23-17 win over the Giants in the 1958 NFL Championship Game.  “Classic drop-back passer.”Bill Belichick shows you one of the greatest QBs to ever throw the ball in Johnny Unitas #NFL100

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