NFL Week 12 QB Power Rankings: Jalen Hurts, Justin Herbert on the rise as Josh Allen, Derek Carr slide –

As goes the quarterback, so goes the team. It’s not always true in the NFL, but it usually is. And it makes sense: In a passing league, the passers are like royalty — the biggest influences on whether a team is destined more for a Super Bowl title or a No. 1 draft pick. It’s with that in mind that we come to you with the most important pecking order outside of traditional team power rankings: QB Power Rankings. Consider this your cut-and-dry guide to the best and worst of the NFL’s signal-callers — a weekly 1-to-32 rundown of every starter under center. How are the QBs ranked? We try to factor in both current standing and future upside. So a long resume doesn’t always guarantee an edge over untapped potential, just as a cold streak doesn’t always erase a history of success. At the end of the day, we’re simply trying to sort the QBs based on 2021 value, both now and in the near future. Riser of the Week: Jalen Hurts A month ago, he looked like a bad match for Nick Sirianni’s offense. Now, Sirianni has leaned deeply into the ground game, and not only has Hurts showed off his legs with production basically matching that of Lamar Jackson, but he’s also stepped up on routine and key-down throws. The Eagles boast the game’s steadiest ball-control attack at the moment, and it’s largely because of Hurts’ quiet development as the engine that makes everything else run. Look out for Philly as a wild-card contender with No. 1 under center. *** Now, without further ado, let’s get to the rest of our Week 12 rankings: Week 12 QB Power Rankings1 Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB He had a relatively tame night against the Giants but still topped 300 yards and even ran for a big first down in an easy blowout win. No one warrants more trust under center.2 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers QB It took a while for him to get going against Minnesota, but then he aired it out with ease to threaten a comeback. Let’s hope his line holds up in the coming weeks.3 Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs QB He reverted to his inefficient ways in a defensively fueled win over the Cowboys . But his Week 10 was still so good that we’d bet on his play-making in a big spot.4 Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens QB The Ravens got by without him against Chicago, but you can see why he’s so valuable as a passer  when he’s out. (+1)5 Justin Herbert Los Angeles Chargers QB Picks have been a lingering pest, but when he’s on, he’s one of the game’s most efficient gunslingers. His best games this year have rivaled those of any QB.  (+5)6 Kyler Murray Arizona Cardinals QB Obviously the Cardinals don’t want to rush him back (and haven’t needed to, thanks in part to Colt McCoy ), but it’d be nice to confirm he’s ready to go for their stretch run.  (-2)7 Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys QB Faltering protection has doomed him a few times lately. Can he rise above the occasion down the stretch?  (-1)8 Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks QB We’re still banking on his abilities over most, but his return from injury has been ugly, uninspired and out of sync. (-1)9 Matthew Stafford Los Angeles Rams QB His Rams debut has been like 80% MVP material, 20% bad Lions reenactments. Which one will show up when it matters?10 Josh Allen Buffalo Bills QB He’ll throw a bomb to win the game, but he’ll also force a bomb to lose it. It doesn’t help when the ground game and defense and special teams aren’t offering steady support.  (-2)11 Kirk Cousins Minnesota Vikings QB Captain Kirk never, ever fails to ball out with a high-flying shootout the minute you write him off as average.  (+1)12 Joe Burrow Cincinnati Bengals QB Good for the Bengals , taking a load off his shoulders and leaning on Joe Mixon against Vegas.  (-1)13 Carson Wentz Indianapolis Colts QB Are the Colts “hiding” him? Uh, if smartly using Jonathan Taylor is equivalent to that, then sure. Wentz hasn’t been remarkable in his debut here, but he’s definitely been playoff-caliber.  (+2)14 Derek Carr Las Vegas Raiders QB Remember all the MVP buzz? December is around the corner, which means this drop-off was always due.  (-1)15 Ryan Tannehill Tennessee Titans QB Up to 12 picks in 11 games, he’s struggled to take over with all of his big weapons sidelined. He’s also not been as bad as those numbers suggest, save for Week 11.  (-1)16 Mac Jones New England Patriots QB Can he step up if/when the Patriots actually need him to win a huge game? Who knows? But he’s thus far been a perfect point guard for the hard-nosed attack they wanna run.  (+1)17 Jalen Hurts Philadelphia Eagles QB His legs have been busy all year, but somehow, during Nick Sirianni’s lean into the ground game, Hurts has also improved as a situational passer. Maybe, just maybe, he’s got a playoff run in him.  (+3)18 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons QB So much for that little renaissance under Arthur Smith. He’s been lifeless in two straight bad losses. Calvin Ridley’s absence doesn’t help matters.  (-2)19 Baker Mayfield Cleveland Browns QB At what point does Baker’s injury-riddled slog become an identified holdup for this team?  (-1)20 Cam Newton Carolina Panthers QB He couldn’t quite play superhero against Washington, but he was good enough to win. Let’s hope, for Carolina’s sake, that his defense shows up next time.  (+1)21 Jimmy Garoppolo San Francisco 49ers QB Kyle Shanahan has successfully taken the burden off his shoulders by getting creative on the ground.  (+1)22 Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers QB His demise was apparently a touch exaggerated. Since Week 5, he’s thrown nine TDs and zero picks, going 4-1.  (+2)23 Teddy Bridgewater Denver Broncos QB At least he’s got a chance to get Denver out of the AFC West cellar now, with the Raiders stumbling over themselves.  (+3)24 Tua Tagovailoa Miami Dolphins QB Give him credit: he’s made some tough crunch-time throws to help Miami to a pair of low-scoring wins. The Dolphins aren’t quite dead yet, and it’s partly due to his progression.  (+4)25 Trevor Lawrence Jacksonville Jaguars QB Someone please get this guy some help, either schematically or otherwise.  (-2)26 Andy Dalton Chicago Bears QB With Justin Fields banged up, it’s his turn once more. The Bears  offense actually came alive when he entered against the Ravens, but don’t hold your breath. 27 Tyrod Taylor Houston Texans QB Not good enough to change anyone’s long-term QB plans, but good enough to guide a big upset every now and then. (+2)28 Taylor Heinicke Washington Football Team QB While he’s still too risky a passer to trust, his elusiveness and confidence have propelled Washington back into the wild card conversation.  (+3)29 Daniel Jones New York Giants QB The Giants haven’t helped him much at all ( see: Jason Garrett dismissal ), but he’s had far more turnovers than career games, and that doesn’t happen solely because of bad coaching or teammates.  (-4)30 Trevor Siemian New Orleans Saints QB It’s probably time for Sean Payton to dial up those fancy Taysom Hill game plans he’s been saving.  (-3)31 Zach Wilson New York Jets QB Going from Mike White to Joe Flacco to Zach Wilson . What a time to be a Jets fan! (+1)32 Tim Boyle Detroit Lions QB Turns out Jared Goff brings something to the table. He’s got a tall task ahead, facing the Bears defense on a short week. 2021 NFL jerseys now available The new NFL season is here! 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