Josh Allen says he’ll join Bills Mafia by jumping off a bus and through a table if Buffalo wins Super Bowl –

Josh Allen is fresh off his fifth win in six weeks, leading the Bills over the Dolphins on Sunday to remain AFC East front-runners. And he’s prepared to put his own body in harm’s way if Buffalo’s domination continues. Joining Peyton and Eli Manning on ESPN2’s broadcast of “Monday Night Football,” the MVP candidate was asked if it would take a Super Bowl victory for him to imitate notorious Bills fans and jump through a table. He obliged, hinting he’ll pull off a stunt worthy of Bills Mafia if Buffalo wins it all.”I’ve done it for less,” Allen joked, “but I think my standards are a little higher now. It’s gotta be a Super Bowl appearance and a Super Bowl win. I think as long as we get to the parade, maybe (I’ll do it) off the top rope of whatever bus I’m on … (Bills fans), they’re crazy. I love ’em. Bills Mafia, man, they are the hands-down best.”Allen also admitted during his visit that a Super Bowl run might be easier considering there’s one ageless quarterback who no longer plays in the AFC East.”I’m a big Tom Brady fan, I think everybody knows that,” he said, “but I’m definitely glad he’s out of the division.” The Manning brothers were complimentary of the Bills star during his “Monday Night Football” appearance, to no surprise. One stunner, though: Peyton revealing that his son, Marshall, wears Josh Allen’s name on the back of his flag football jersey. The kids in Marshall’s league, it turns out, are allowed to put any name on their uniforms, and Peyton’s little guy decided he preferred to represent a modern-day signal-caller to, you know, his own Hall of Fame dad.

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