The Rebirth Of San Francisco Proper Hotel’s Show-Stopping Villon Restaurant

Interiors Alina Tyulyu More From Forbes The San Francisco Proper Hotel is home to three distinct, upscale dining concepts that make this trendy downtown property not only a culinary destination, but also the perfect place to spend a night out in fashion. Villon, the hotel’s eclectic, visually stunning restaurant located on its bottom floor, recently resumed dinner service with an all-new re-conceptualized menu under the guidance of San Francisco Proper’s Executive Chef Jason Fox. With a focus on tableside experiences and sophistication, the seasonal menu is a masterpiece of elevated, innovative dishes that still remain approachable. The menu showcases Chef Jason Fox’s take on California cuisine with seasonal bounty and local ingredients. Menu starter highlights include beef tartare with Asian pear kimchee; scallop and shrimp roll; octopus with fermented chili pork broth; and artichoke agnolotti with burnt lemon fava beans and black truffle froth. (function() { function createUniqueId() { return ‘xxxxxxxx-xxxx-4xxx-yxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx’.replace(/[xy]/g, function(c) { var r = Math.random() * 16 | 0, v = c == ‘x’ ? r : (r & 0x3 | 0x8); return v.toString(16); }); } const randId = createUniqueId(); document.getElementsByClassName(‘fbs-cnx’)[0].setAttribute(‘id’, randId); document.getElementById(randId).removeAttribute(‘class’); (new Image()).src = ‘’; cnxps.cmd.push(function () { cnxps({ playerId: ’18a8b009-3301-48b4-9c55-ce42f76c864d’, storyId: ‘9f32d18b-781c-4923-8df6-0290cf76bd46’}).render(randId); }); })(); There are also the tableside experiences that are incredibly good and captivating. There’s the Proper Salad, with gem lettuces, smoked mushrooms, beets, preserved garlic and miso dressing; as well as the epic lamb shoulder grilled over redwood, served with onion gratin, smoked polenta, greens and a rosemary lamb jus. Entrees include a classic American Wagyu beef, New York Strip and roasted chicken with meyer lemon and scallions. Tableside lamb Alina Tyulyu MORE FOR YOUHendrick’s Gin And Katz’s Delicatessen Announce An Unusual CollaborationBubby’s Chef Ron Silver Shares His Secrets For Perfect PancakesThis Northwest Brewery Has A Brilliant Side Hustle Villon’s design, attention to detail and atmosphere certainly makes it one of the chicest, must-try restaurants in the city right now. We chatted with San Francisco Proper’s Executive Chef Jason Fox on his new menu, inspiration and more. Here’s what he had to say. How has the journey been to reopening dinner service at Villion? What has the progression through the pandemic been like? It’s been a journey to not only reopen Villon, but to navigate the whole food and beverage program through the pandemic. We have had many start and stop moments, as we tried to determine the best time to open every restaurant, from not just an operations standpoint, but really trying to take the temperature of the dining public and ensuring we are doing everything to make everyone feel safe and comfortable. Thankfully, I think we are over the harder parts and can really focus on moving forward. What can guests expect at Villon that’s different than other upscale dining spots downtown? Not being biased, we think Villon is one of the sexiest designed restaurants in the city. We don’t think everyone has the benefit of not only being designed by Kelly Wearstler, but hopefully the food and beverage to match. For us, it is the complete experience of the atmosphere, and the food and drinks. We are trying to serve food that is elegant, whimsical, and creative, while being fun, and approachable. We are right in the middle of theaters, art museums, and concert halls, so we are trying to bring some of those aspects into the cooking with tableside presentations and thought out dishes. Duck Alina Tyulyu Talk about the new reconceptualized menu. What’s the inspiration? Cuisine? Style? What’s new? A big inspiration is Kelly Wearstler and the design of the restaurant. One of my favorite quotes: “Respecting San Francisco’s history with a reimagining of the past and an infusion of the city’s modern spirit and creativity.” This pretty much sums up our cooking ethos, looking to merge classic dishes, with some refinement, with new dishes we are trying to create, that might be classics themselves one day. Some fun dishes we are doing are a modern take on dim sum, with a shrimp filling being wrapped with a scallop paper instead of the traditional rice wrapping, and a grilled asparagus dish that is covered with a veil of melted sheep’s milk cheese. How did you come up with the table side experiences? The table side presentation comes from conversation’s Mario, the Hotel GM, and I had back in 2019 when I started. He comes from the esteemed tradition of old school hotel maître d’s, and we discussed how some of these presentations are becoming a lost art. We both really wanted to come up with some dishes that match the grandeur and elegance of the dining room. Hotels were once on the forefront of creativity in the food world, and we wanted to explore and honor some of those traditions. Bar Alina Tyulyu The Proper Hotel is home to Villon, La Bande and Charmaine’s — talk about how Proper has become a one stop destination for fine dining, excellent cocktails and an overall night on the town in SF. When I got here, I was really excited about the potential for the hotel to be an epicenter of dining. We have three very distinctly, and differently designed rooms, that I thought was a great launching board for reimagining three distinct restaurants. Villon is the elegant, upscale San Francisco Restaurant, La Bande is a satisfying, bustling European café, and Charmaine’s is our whimsical cocktail bar, with eccentric food to match. As a cook, it is extremely satisfying to have all of these different outlets to channel creativity, and come up with food in different, distinct, styles. We want these restaurants to not just be great experiences for our guests, but to be equally revered, and part of the conversation of great restaurants as any other stand alone restaurant in the city. Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn. Check out my website or some of my other work here. Chelsea DavisEditorial StandardsCorrectionsReprints & Permissions

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