Cowboys’ Dak Prescott has chance to exorcise final 2020 demon in Week 5 clash with Giants –

William Shakespeare couldn’t write a better script than the one set to unfold on Sunday at AT&T Stadium. The words “revenge game” are tossed around quite a bit in sports, with varying degrees of accuracy. Sometimes it’s a player returning to battle a team they felt wronged by, and other times it’s a coach in a similar situation. Few revenge games will ever contain the poignancy, nuance and timing of the one heading to Arlington, Texas this weekend though, when Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys take the field against the visiting New York Giants. That’s because it was Week 5 of the 2020 season when Prescott suffered a season-ending compound ankle fracture that also ultimately ended the Cowboys season as well and, now, they’ll take on the same opponent, on the same field, in the same football week — 364 days later. Prescott is in line to land some poetic justice if he can dismantle the Giants en route to a 4-1 start, exorcising one final demon in his recovery and return to football. In a battle between the Capulets and the Montagues, Prescott is playing the part of Romeo, hoping to woo Juliet (i.e., his fourth straight win) into his embrace.”I feel like I’ve healed well,” he told media on Thursday. “The scars are pretty. I’ve got a bunch of them and they mean something, and they remind me. As I’ve said, it’s really what I’m thankful for is the person that I’ve become after the scar I have.” COOOOOOP! #DallasCowboys

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