Dexter: New Blood Finale Review – “Sins of the Father”

“You, Dexter Morgan, are the Bay Harbor Butcher.”

Dexter: New Blood Finale Review - "Sins of the Father" Image

Matt FowlerBy Matt FowlerUpdated: 11 Jan 2022 12:35 amPosted: 11 Jan 2022 12:25 am

The following contains spoilers for Dexter: New Blood‘s finale, “The Family Business,” which aired on Showtime on Jan 9. For more, check out our review of last week’s episode.

Dexter: New Blood nailed its ending with a taut, emotional chapter that crackled with accountability. “Sins of the Father” may have only taken place in a sparse amount of locations, mostly the Iron Lake police station in fact, but it built itself up wonderfully to a morbid, necessary conclusion, one that gives the series as a whole an exponentially better ending to hang its hat on.

Okay, first things first: is Dexter dead? For now, right in this moment, he’s definitely Schrödinger’s Dexter. For the purposes of this extra final season, New Blood, he’s gone. And it feels right. If, however, the powers that be at Showtime want more, there’s wiggle room, perhaps to do a Dexter behind bars “Silence of the Lambs”-type story where they approach him, on death row, for help with a new killer. That’s not wholly objectionable, but it certainly would undercut the final moments of this episode while also probably leaving a bad taste in fans’ mouths given that this finale was great and anything more would risk sullying the series again.

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